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About us

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Functional and environmentally-friendly buildings will lead to satisfied users. Our philosophy means that a sound indoor climate, tailor-made areas, facilities for cyclists, joggers and walkers will be success factors that will have a major influence on work satisfaction and productivity.


In 2005, Ringnes shut down their local production of beer and mineral water. An area of 120,000 m2 was acquired by Runestad Investering AS with future development in mind. 2020park, when fully developed will be home to around 12,000 modern office workspaces, almost 600 dwellings, shops, cafés and other services.

Development plan

2020park is aiming to produce between 5,000 and 10,000 sq. m. of office space per year, either on the basis of specific orders from tenants or through preparing buildings for occupation at short notice.

We base ourselves on two types of projects:

1. The first type is construction to meet the needs of the market for modern offices within a reasonable time of the need arising. Building for future requirements means that tenants that are not “major” enough for their own buildings, can also have access to new and modern facilities.

2. The second type of building is developed in cooperation with tenants that desire their own buildings, in which the construction, solutions and properties are 100% conditional on lessees’ specifications.

Client process:

– Evaluation of the needs of the client
– Drafting of room program
– Preliminary sketches and tender
– Presentation of contract documents
– Signing of lease agreement
– Project follow-up and detailed clarifications
– Occupancy
– Further follow-up during tenancy

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Customisation – two methods

We build for you, whether you are a small or large company. Either: we build first and customise the areas to each individual tenant, as they occupy the building. Or: we construct a building for one principal company that requires its own building. Both of these are bespoke methods.