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2020park / ENVIRONMENT

A good environment is profitable, both outside and inside

As the first local developer, we chose to use BREEAM as a steering tool for sustainable development as early as in 2008. Our focus on the environment is a common theme in all phases; project planning, construction, operation and legacy use.


A sound indoor climate is a premise for good productivity. All buildings in 2020park are developed according to sustainable principles. A good indoor environment leads to contented workers and better profitability. A sound environment is a social responsibility.


By implementing BREEAM certification in the project and construction phase, we ensure that our buildings attain an environmental standard that exceeds the requirements stipulated by public authorities. Our implementation of the BREEAM environmental standard means that the building’s sustainable qualities will endure longer than the first 10-15 years of the building’s lifetime. The building owner and the tenant avoid future expensive surprises. Sustainable qualities, among other things, contribute to a sound indoor climate that in turn contributes to contented and productive employees


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